Voshaar Outdoor & Education was founded in 1977. We started as a sports centre. Since 1995 we are specialized in Outdoor Sports.  In 2001 the first Outdoor Instructor Course was set up. This is an all-round Outdoor Instructor Course for White Water, Rock climbing and Hike & Survival. Since 2007 we teach the Wilderness Guide Course in Canada, followed by the Hike & Survival Instructor Course, Nature & Wildlife Guide and several First Aid Courses. All these courses can be found at http://www.buitensportopleiding.nl In 2016 we started with a 3 year, full-time Course to become an Outdoor Guide and Wilderness Guide. This study is recognized by the Dutch Government and students get a scholarship . Except the Wilderness Guide Course, all these courses are in Dutch.

Since we are getting more and more request from abroad we are going to teach several courses in English (and/or French), in the Netherlands, Canada, France and Poland.

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